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Join the Project Uplift Ranch Equine LA Movement

PURE LA is more than a learning program; it's a movement.

By supporting this program, you're investing in the future

of at-risk youth, creating a brighter, empowered and more

joyful world. Help us uplift communities, one equine experience at a time.

Please Support Us



With your help, we can give an at-risk child life skills, a new dream and memories that last a lifetime while they learn the joy, confidence and love a horse can bring. 

We want to remind you that your donation is tax deductible. This means that not only have you made a positive impact on the lives of those we serve, but you may also benefit from tax advantages associated with your charitable contribution.

(501c3 EIN #59-3338729)




  • General Level - ($1-$49)

  • Groom Level - ($50-$99) 

  • Saddle Level - ($100-$249)           

  • Mount Level - ($250-$499) 

  • Walk Level - ($500-$999)             

  • Jog Level - ($1,000-$1,999)  

  • Lope Level - ($2,000-$4,999)       

  • Gallop Level - ($5,000+) 



Michelle R Johnson 
Program Director for Project Uplift Ranch Equine LA

"As a very young child my first word was “horsey.” From then on, I dreamt of having my own horse to love, to groom and to ride away to places that were safe from bad things. 


Hundreds of horses graced the television, movie screens and racetracks. Vast herds dotted the countryside freely grazing in the fields. Like many girls my age, I prayed and pleaded for a horse on each birthday and Christmas, only to be presented with books that I eagerly consumed, immersing myself in knowledge about various breeds and horse care. I held onto the hope that one of them could become mine.


Being a city kid, my encounters with horses were limited to occasional visits to the racetrack with my father, a racehorse exercise rider in his youth. Witnessing the graceful power and beauty of the thoroughbred horses brought tears to my eyes. On a memorable occasion, our family attended the Lipizzaner Stallion horse show, and again, I found myself moved to tears throughout the entire performance. Despite their bemusement, I couldn't contain my emotions at the sheer beauty, power, and eagerness to please displayed by these majestic creatures. Unfortunately, in my youth the longing for my own horse remained unfulfilled, but the dream endured. 


I was blessed to finally welcome "Tizzy" a retired racehorse into my life as a gift to myself on my 50th birthday. It was a very challenging, life-altering learning experience, that reshaped my perspective on life in the most incredibly positive ways! I'm so happy and eager to share this joy with others.


With Project Uplift Ranch Equine LA, we uplift, encourage and share our equine dream with children, much like my younger self, who dare to dream and have a passion for the seemingly unattainable. By nurturing personal development and empowerment through the practice of Equine Assisted Learning, and Equine Assisted Activities, our fundamental goals are to elevate the potential of our young participants, helping them develop the life skills and self-assurance required to flourish in our ever-evolving world. By engaging with horses, at-risk youth learn respect, gain confidence, and the leadership aptitude needed to contribute to shaping the future of our global community."

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Michelle R Johnson

Sun Valley, CA 91352


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